Free Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coloring Pages

Alice in Wonderland coloring pages
As I was making A Mad Tea Party Copywork book, I came across some wonderful, old illustrations for previously published versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (in the public domain, of course).

I thought that some of them would make really nice coloring pages for children. So I put together a collection of four full-sized coloring pages for your children to enjoy.

The pages include images of Alice and three other interesting characters from Lewis Carroll’s book. I hope your children like coloring them. :)

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Below is the link to this free printable. I also have included links to other posts I did this week that have free printables as well. They relate to Mad Hatter Day.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Coloring Pages

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If you need some ideas for celebrating Mad Hatter Day, check out this post:

Activities for Celebrating Mad Hatter Day

I hope you have a fun Mad Hatter Day and a great year!

Many blessings,
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P.S. If you’d like to learn more about A Mad Tea Party Copywork, click on the link below.
A Mad Tea Party Copywork
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