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You’ve Earned an Honorary Degree in Home Education

degree in home education

You must have worked hard all year giving your children the best home education you can.

You probably got up before everyone else to get lesson plans done and materials together. You probably had to maintain your composure when things went crazy. You probably had to go above and beyond the call of duty daily.

And you probably had to try to keep a smile on your face through it all.

I’m sure it took a great deal of love, perseverance, patience, kindness, flexibility, time, sacrifice, and self-motivation to accomplish all of that. But it was worth it, wasn’t it?

Your children are worth it, aren’t they? And YOU are worth it because it was also an education for YOU.

It was an education in both mothering and teaching.

I bet you learned quite a bit about mothering. Things like…

  • praising wisely
  • guiding your children towards making good choices
  • encouraging good character development
  • cultivating love
  • creating a service heart
  • preparing your children for their future and eternity

and so much more.

I bet you also learned a lot about teaching your children. Things like…

  • how your children learns best
  • how to foster a love of learning
  • how to evaluate effectively and lovingly
  • how to bring out your children’s natural talents
  • how to switch methods when one doesn’t work
  • how to encourage creativity and exploration

and the list goes on.

If you didn’t master all of these things, don’t worry about it. Teaching is an ongoing learning experience. So is mothering. There is always next year to improve and grow.

Personally, I think you earned a degree for everything that you’ve done.

After all, you probably learned just as much if not more about how to teach as any teacher.

You probably also learned a few things about educating that even teachers don’t know, like how to make the curriculum fit the child instead of making the child fit the curriculum.

So for all that you learned, for all those parent-teacher conferences you had with yourself, for all of the research and studying you did about homeschooling, for all that you learned about home education by doing it, here’s an honorary Bachelor of Arts degree.

Click the image below to open the PDF. Print it off. Fill in your name and the date. Then hang it up in a place of honor because you earned it.

Home Educators degree

If you know of other homeschoolers who deserve this same degree, please feel free to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other way you like. Have a great year.

Many blessings,
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