Catholic Prayer in Art Posters Free Sample

Catholic Prayer in Art Posters Free Sample 600h

Today is the last day of August, and, therefore, the last day of free samples I’m giving away.


Sorry to get so emotional.

I hate to see things end.

But on the bright side, I have a pretty awesome freebie for you today. It’s an Our Father prayer poster that you can print and hang up in your home. It will help your children learn the Lord’s Prayer.

Neat, huh?

It comes from one of my newest products, Catholic Prayer in Art Posters. It’s a collection of 13 posters covering 12

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Rainbow Clouds Free Sample

Bulletin Board Decor Rainbow Clouds cover Free Sample 600h

Clouds are beautiful, aren’t they?

Well, maybe not all clouds are beautiful.

The dark gray ones dumping rain, wind, and lightning outside my window right now aren’t quite so lovely.

Although if you LIKE severe thunderstorms you might think they’re lovely.

(If you like severe thunderstorms a lot you should come live in Minnesota. We have plenty.)

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of big boomers. I prefer clouds

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Synonym Dinosaur Puzzles Free Sample

Synonym Dinosaur Puzzles cover 2 Free Sample 600h

Does your child like dinosaurs?

That’s probably a silly question for me to ask.

Personally, I haven’t met a child yet that didn’t like dinosaurs.

Just saying.

But that’s okay. What’s not to like about a bunch of gigantic prehistoric animals, some of which were so big that they could

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 31

Homeschool Story Time Week 31

Hi and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 31.

Today’s story is about a little German girl named Lisa whose father is a fisherman.

One day a storm strikes and he doesn’t come home from sea.

Will she ever see him again?

Read on to find out.

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More Rhyming Riddles Copywork Free Sample

More Rhyming Riddles Copywork Free Sample 600h

Last week, I shared some rhyming riddles with you.

Today I have some MORE rhyming riddles for you.

Aren’t you lucky.

Like last weeks riddles, these are classics, because I love the classics.

And these riddles have been set up on pages with wide lines for your child’s handwriting enjoyment.

And like last week, the pages also have decorative question

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Edward Lear’s Limericks Copywork Free Sample

Lears Limericks Free Sample cover 600h

The once was a homeschooler who liked, To drink coffee whenever she hiked; She drank every time, Her kids started to climb, Which helped her to get really psyched.

Alright, I know that I’m no Edward Lear, but I had fun making that limerick.

Now I see why Lear wrote nonsense poems. It’s really kind of fun to create something that is wild and crazy and makes no sense.

Wait. Wild and crazy and makes no sense. That sounds like a

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Tongue Twisters Copywork Free Sample

Tongue Twisters Copywork Free Sample cover 600h

“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.”

That tongue twister brings a lot of questions to my mind.

Who was Peter Piper?

What kind of peppers were pickled? Green? Yellow? Or maybe red hot chiles? (Yum!)

How do you pick a peck of pickled anything?

Why did Peter pick them?

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Raggedy Andy Number Puzzles Free Sample

Raggedy Andy Number Puzzles Free Sample cover 600h

Your child gets to see Raggedy Andy be a real gentleman today, AND, at the same time, practice counting 1 to 10.

That’s a win-win situation.

I don’t know about you, but I always love it when I can combine skill learning with character building.

Actually, I love it when I can combine ANY two topics.

(Or three or four or five…you get my meaning.)

The reason your child can practice counting is that I have a free

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Bricks, Bricks, Bricks Free Sample

Fanciful Letters Bricks Bricks Bricks Free Sample cover 600h

Aren’t LEGO bricks amazing?

I think that they can be used to teach just about everything from math skills to historical events.

They only have one drawback. When left on the floor, they become a health hazard for your feet.

Someone needs to develop a building brick with an alarm system that will go off when your foot approaches a brick.


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Colorful Crosses Free Sample

Bulletin Board Decor Colorful Crosses cover Free Sample 600h

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind having a room with wall-to-wall crosses.

By that I mean wallpaper with crosses, pictures with crosses, and crucifixes all over the room.

I know that would probably be a bit gaudy, but, hey, it would definitely be a good reminder of Jesus’ love for us.

Now if you’d like some crosses to hang up on your walls or bulletin boards (though maybe not as extensively as I

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