Canticle of the Sun Copywork Free Sample

Canticle of the Sun cover Free Sample 600h

I love St. Francis of Assisi.

He’s one of my favorite saints, mainly because he loved animals almost as much as I do.

I said almost.

On his feast day, some priests will bless your pets and farm friends if you bring them to church.

That can be an interesting experience.

Dogs and cats and chickens, oh my.

Anyway, back to St. Francis.

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One in a Million Place Value Pack Free Sample

One in a Million Place Value Pack cover Free Sample 600h

I thought I’d start out this 31 day bonanza of freebies with some ones and tens and hundreds.

No. I don’t mean dollar bills, although you’re welcome to give me some if you like.

I mean place value.

I want your kids to be able to understand how a one here:


and a one here:

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31 Days of FREE Printables!

31 Days of Free Printables

Would you like some freebies?

How about 1, or 2, or even 31 freebies?

Well, guess what.

I’m going to be giving away 31 free printables in August!

That means that starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 27

Homeschool Story Time Week 27

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 27.

Nelly wants to learn to dance.

Grandpa decides to teach her.

As it turns out, Nelly learns much more than dancing from Grandpa.

Read on to see what else Nelly learns.

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 26

Homeschool Story Time Week 26

Hi and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 26.

Today’s story is about a twin brother and sister’s mini adventure at sea.

A day of exploration in their boat reveals a little surprise for them.

What they do with that surprise is amazing.

Read on to find out what happens.

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 25

Homeschool Story Time Week 25

It’s time for Homeschool Story Time: Week 25.

Today we have a true story. It’s about a little boy named Gilbert who lived in New Brunswick many years ago. Gilbert ventures close to the river while fishing by himself, something a little boy his age shouldn’t be doing.

What do you think happens when he gets too close to the edge of the raft?

Read on to find out.

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The Ultimate List of Ice Cream Toppings

Ultimate List of Ice Cream Toppings

Normally, I’m a believer in healthy eating.

But then summer happens.

Summer means ice cream.

Ice cream means toppings.

That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that there are SO many incredibly tasty toppings to put on a scoop of ice cream that are, well, let’s just say, not so healthy.

But we’re only on this Earth a short time so we may as

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Here’s What Beginning Homeschoolers Should Do First

Heres What Beginning Homeschoolers Should Do First

Planning on homeschooling for the first time?

Wondering where you should start?

If you think you should begin by researching homeschool methods, STOP!

Don’t do it!

You’ll be overwhelmed and confused.

There’s something more important that you as beginning homeschoolers should do first that will help you out with the method part of homeschooling.

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 24

Homeschool Story Time Week 24

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 24.

I hope your family has been enjoying these short stories.

This week’s story reveals how a kind heart can turn a grumpy child into a happy one.

Keep reading to see how this comes about with Rose, Marguerite, and Stubby.

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Inspirational Quotes About Faith

Wigglesworth Faith Quote

Faith. Fear.

Two sides of a coin.

When we’re afraid, we don’t have faith, and when we have faith, we’re not afraid.

This is true for everything from homeschooling to starting a business.

Having faith makes the seemingly impossible tasks possible, and that’s how miracles happen.

Believe, trust, and have faith, and God will send his

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