15 Ways to Make Reading Fun All Summer Long

15 Ways to Make Reading Fun All Summer Long

While swimming, camping, hiking, and going to the park are some of the best activities kids can do in the summertime, reading can also be included in the list of fun activities that can be done in June, July, and August.

Now I know that some kids don’t equate reading with entertainment and will therefore balk at the thought of opening a book. There are, however, some ways you can make reading fun for these less-motivated kids.

Below I have a list of 15 things you can do to make

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 22

Homeschool Story Time Week 22

Hello and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 22.

I hope that you are having a pleasant summer.

Revenge is sweet.

At least, it is the way little Judy exacts it.

That probably sounds a little scary, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the way Judy get’s revenge on her brother, Tom, in this quaint story.

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FREE for 1 Week Only – Sinking Island Flashcard Game

Sinking Island Flashcard Game Flash Freebie

Looking for a way to make summer learning fun for your kids?

Board games are one of the best tools for making learning enjoyable, especially during rainy days or when it’s too hot to play outside.

This week only, I am giving away one of my printable board games so that you and your kids will have something fun to play on those days when the weather is bad or the mosquitos are biting (an environmental hazard here in Minnesota).

The product I am giving away is

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 21

Homeschool Story Time Week 21

Hi and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 21.

I hope you are having an enjoyable summer.

In today’s story, a man is changed by a promise and a miracle.

God teaches him a valuable lesson through the gift of water.

Read on to find out how this all comes about.

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200+ Other Words for “Good”

200 Other Words for Good


That word isn’t always…well…good.

When it’s used over and over again in a piece of writing, that little four-letter word becomes a bad word. (I don’t mean THAT kind of bad four-letter word. Please. I run a clean blog here.)

When you see that double-o ladened palabra (that’s Spanish for “word” by the way) in your child’s writing, it’s time to provide him with a little inspiration.

Below you’ll find lists of other words for “good” divided into four categories:

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 20

Homeschool Story Time Week 20

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 20.

Forgetting things can sometimes have painful consequences.

The boy in today’s story, Donald, finds that out.

Fortunately, his wise mother comes up with a way to help Donald stop forgetting everything.

Read on to find out how.

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200+ Other Words for “Went”

200 Other Words for Went


That word is almost as bad as “said” when it comes to overuse in writing.

In fact, as far as good writing goes, “went” just needs to go out the door. There are far too many other words for “went” like “wafted,” “skittered,” and “waddled” that can be used to decorate a piece of writing.

That’s why I created this post. I thought I’d provide your kids with a little verbal inspiration for their writing. (Sorry for the pun.)

Below you’ll find a list of 200+ other words for

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I Graduated My Youngest Today!

I Graduated My Youngest Today

Today, I graduated my dear, youngest daughter.

I am SO proud of her and her sister!

I know that they will go out in the world and become phenomenal women!

But now I’m sorry to say that my homeschooling adventure is over.


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Homeschool Story Time: Week 19

Homeschool Story Time Week 19

Hi and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 19.

This week’s tale is about promises.

Promises aren’t always easy to keep, but doing so gives one a peace of mind.

In today’s story, a little girl named Emma has a promise to keep to her mother.

Let’s see if she is able to do so.

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Books of Fairy Tales

Books of Fairy Tales


Jack and the Beanstalk.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

What do all these titles have in common?

They are all classic fairy tales that have been around for generations.

A fairy tale is simply a children’s story involving

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