Homeschool Story Time: Week 5

Homeschool Story Time Week 5

Hi and welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 5.

I hope the winter has been treating you kindly.

This week’s story takes place in the winter time. In it, a boy named Roy learns how to have REAL fun from his Uncle Henry. What that REAL fun is, I won’t say, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Read on to find out what Roy learns from his uncle.

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FREE Christian Decorations for St. Patrick’s Day

Christian Decorations for St. Patrick's Day RGB small

Are you looking for some Christian decor for St. Patrick’s Day that you can hang in your homeschool room or religious education classroom?

Look no further.

Below you’ll find a FREE printable that you can utilize for any non-commercial use.

(Your child’s education is, of course, non-commercial. )

This St. Patrick’s Day freebie includes 1) shamrocks with the words “Father,” “Son,” and “Holy Spirit” printed on them, 2) plain shamrocks, 3) a pot of gold which says, “Jesus is your treasure,” 4) clouds with the phrases “God is good,” and

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Preschool Books About Numbers

Preschool Books About Numbers

Want to introduce your preschoolers to number concepts?

Picture books are one good way to introduce counting to your little ones. That’s because these colorful books often have a creative and interesting way of introducing new concepts to children.

Luckily, the bookstores are overflowing with wonderful picture books.

Below you’ll find a list of preschool books about

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Bulletin Board Decor: Patterned Shamrocks

Bulletin Board Decor Patterned Shamrocks cover Currclick

St. Patrick’s Day is on the way so I thought I’d put together some Bulletin Board Decor for the occasion.

With this new product, you get a collection of 32 decorative shamrocks made from four different patterns: stripes, polka-dots, plaid, and a checkered pattern. These come in four different shades of green, plus there are two different versions of each shamrock, one facing right and one facing left.

Each shamrock is 5″ in height and can be used for a variety of purposes including bulletin board borders, arts and crafts, window decorations, learning trays, educational games, and

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Ways to Enhance Your Foreign Language Curriculum

How to Enhance Your Foreign Language Curriculum

Are your kids learning to hablan español?

Or do they parlent français?

(I hope I did that right. I don’t speak French. )

If they do, are you comfortable with the degree of fluency they are developing in the foreign language?

Whether you use an online program, a software product, or a book, there are some activities you can do to enhance the program that will make your

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 4

Homeschool Story Time Week 4

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 4.

I hope that you have been enjoying these stories so far.

Let’s see what this week’s tale is about.

Taddy wants to ice skate, but he’s supposed to study his primer. His mother is out of the house and there’s a nice pair of skates laying out by the ice.

What do you think Taddy will do?

Keep reading to find out.

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Preschool Books About Colors

Preschool Books About Colors

Color identification is one of those basic concepts that preschoolers should know. The world abounds with colors and being able to put a name to each of those visual treasures is an important skill for little ones to have.

One thing you can use to teach preschoolers about colors are books. Fortunately, there are plenty of preschool books about colors that you can use for this purpose.

What follows is a list of books you can use to teach color identification to your little ones. It is broken up into groups. The first group is for books that have a

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The Presidents Game – FREE Printable

The Presidents Game cover small

Today is Presidents Day.

To honor this special day for our nation’s leaders, I thought I’d make a fun card game for your kids to play. It will hopefully give your kids a chance to see all of the presidents that have made this country what it is.

This free printable game is available as either a complete download (large file size) or as four smaller parts. The four parts will make it easier and faster for you to download than the complete one if you have slower internet.

You can find the links to the free downloads below. Feel free to

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 3

Homeschool Story Time Week 3

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 3.

This week’s piece is a Valentine’s story full of love and kindness.

It’s about a sweet, little boy named Arthur and his mother and their time together preparing for Valentine’s Day.

This tale is a story full of colorful paints, crisp papers, and lovely verses. I think you’ll like it.

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Fanciful Letters: Bricks, Bricks, Bricks

Fanciful Letters Bricks Bricks Bricks cover Currclick

I’m so excited about my newest product!

Fanciful Letters: Bricks, Bricks, Bricks is a complete set of printable upper and lowercase letters designed with colorful, plastic building bricks.

The uppercase letters are 4″ high and the lowercase letters are sized proportionately.

If you have “brick builders” in your family, they’ll love these letters. You can hang them on bulletin boards, use them for arts and crafts, spell your child’s name with them, and more.

This printable comes with instructions for 4 fun letter

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