FREE Angel Learning Resource Pack

Angel Learning Resource Pack Freebie

I love angels. Don’t you?

There’s something very reassuring about knowing that I have a guardian angel to protect me and guide me.

It’s one of those many blessings that God has given us on this Earth and I am grateful for it.

(Or should I say, “grateful for him.”)

Anyway, I decided to take some angel graphics I had and create resources that you can use to teach your children. I thought you might like to have some things like math manipulatives, journal pages, and game boards to make learning more enjoyable (and angelic) for your kids.

I created more than 50 pages of

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Sinking Island Flashcard Game

Sinking Island Flashcard Game cover Currclick

Do your children study with flashcards?

Flashcards are one handy tool you can use to help your children learn math facts, states and capitals, foreign language vocabulary, and other important information.

However, practicing with flashcards can be a bit tedious sometimes, which is why it’s a good idea to use some sort of fun activity like a game to make it more interesting.

I recently created a game for just that purpose. I wanted to make flashcard practice fun for kids so that it wouldn’t be such a boring task.

The game I created is called

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Save 70% on Our Homeschool Products


Currclick is having a HUGE End of Year Sale December 1st through the 16th and we’re joining in the fun!

We’ve marked down everything 70% so that you can save BIG on our homeschool products!

We have an additional surprise that will be available on Cyber Monday only, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let me share with you a list of the products we are offering at that deep discount.

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Can Your Kids Translate These Picture Book Titles?

Can Your Kids Translate These Picture Book Titles

Are your kids learning Spanish?

If they are, I have a fun activity for them.

Below are some titles for well-known American picture books.

These picture book titles aren’t in English, however. They are in Spanish.

Can your kids translate the titles and figure out what

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Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day

Vocabulary is one of the key components of learning a foreign language.

I know from experience that if you don’t know the word for what you want to say when you’re speaking to someone, you can’t say it. Then you have to resort to using elaborate hand signs to try to get your point across.

For that reason, I thought I’d start sharing with you a Spanish Word of the Day. It will include a Spanish word or phrase, pronunciation, and the English

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Say Sí to Spanish: Language Learning Packs

Say Si to Spanish Language Learning Packs

Are your children studying Spanish?

Are you using a pre-made curriculum or are you putting together your own assortment of materials?

If you’re looking for a way to make Spanish language learning fun and engaging for your family plus give a boost to the curriculum or materials you are currently using, you may want to try my Say Sí to Spanish: Language Learning Packs. These Spanish language learning packs are designed to help children learn

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Spanish Palindromes

Spanish Palidromes

Last week I shared with you a list of palindromes in English and some activities for using them.

This week, I thought I’d go south of the border and share with you some simple, commonly used words in Spanish that are palindromes, or palídromos (pronounced pah-LEEN-droh-mohs).

The table below has the words, translations, and pronunciation for twenty Spanish palindromes. Some of

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Alphabet by Design Coloring Book

Alphabet by Design cover Currclick

What can you do when your kids are feeling stressed?

Try giving them a coloring page.

Coloring is a fun activity for children and teens (and even adults) that can have a soothing effect on the mind and soul. Plus, as a bonus, you get a lovely piece of art to hang up in your home.

There are also other benefits to coloring. For example, it sparks creativity. Coloring improves hand-eye coordination and develops fine motor skills. It can also enhance ones ability to focus. Overall, coloring is both a constructive and healthful activity for everyone.

If you’d like some coloring pages that will

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Our Teaching Cookbook

Our Teaching Cookbook

A while ago, I decided that I needed something to help me teach my daughters to cook.

Over the years, I had been letting them help me cook periodically, but I wanted them to be able to take over cooking so that I would have more time to write blog posts (like this one) and make educational products.

What I wanted was a book with pictures, instructions, tips, and, of course, recipes that I could use.

Basically, I wanted a teaching cookbook.

I was blessed to find just the right book this summer.

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A List of Palindromes and Activities

List of Palindromes and Activities

Did Dad pop the rotor on the car for Mom by noon?

How many palindromes can you find in that sentence?

In case you were wondering, a palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same forward and backward like “kayak.”

Palindromes are fun to share with children. They are a good way to demonstrate the interesting patterns that

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