Have You Heard of These Archaic Units of Measure?

Archaic Units of Measure

Noah’s ark was measured in cubits.

The Anglo-Saxons measured with barleycorns.

Today we have the metric system as well as some words like inches, feet, and yards for measuring things.

The terms for units of measure have changed over the centuries. This makes sense since language is an ever-evolving beast. If it weren’t, we’d probably still be using “thee’s” and “thou’s” in our everyday speech or sound like something out of Beowolf. Instead, however, we have the English language that I’m using with you right now.

What follows is a list of some old units of measure. Some of the

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FREE Reader’s Theater Poetry Sampler Scripts

Free Reader's Theater Poetry Sampler Scripts

If you’re looking for an easy-to-put-together theater production that showcases your children’s reading talents, you might want to try Reader’s Theater. Reader’s Theater is a dramatic presentation of piece of literature using handheld scripts. It is typically performed by a group of two or more actors.

Reader’s Theater can be used for a variety of productions including homeschool group teas, concerts, recitals, plays, charity dinners, recitations, and presentation nights. It’s also good for religious

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Reader's Theater Sale

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Math in Action: Finding Volume of Containers

Finding Volume of Containers

Today, I had a problem.

The Mexican Seven-Layer Dip that we usually put in an 8×8 glass dish and cover with foil needed to go in a plastic container with different proportions. That’s because I needed a container with a plastic lid so that I could put other food in our very full refrigerator on top of it. (Putting heavy things on top of foil tends to end in disastrous results.)

How was I going to be sure that my plastic container would be big enough?

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Summer Learning Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Summer Learning

I see a lot of summer learning workbooks in the stores this time of year. While those are fine for kids who like workbooks and worksheets, they may not be the most exciting tool for helping children retain learning over the summer. Plus, doing something that so closely resembles some schoolwork can actually turn your children off to learning over the summer and burn them out before the next school year begins.

There are plenty of fun activities that children can do that will keep their minds active during the summer. Below you’ll find some ideas that you may want to try out with your children. You’ll find that many of these

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Types of Analogies

Types of Analogies

chapter : pages :: table : ?

Do you know the answer to this analogy?

There is more than one answer possible. I’ll share the solutions with you in a bit, but first let’s look at what an analogy is and why it’s important for children to learn.

Generally speaking, an analogy is a comparison of two things. However, an analogy like the one at the

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Currclick Independence Day Sale

How would you like to get copywork, Reader’s Theater, printable puzzles, and more at a price YOU choose?

Well, this week you can.

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Here’s One Way You Can Make Learning FUN!

One Way You Can Make Learning Fun

“This is boring!”

Ever hear your child say that about a lesson in math, handwriting, or some other subject?

It would be nice if your child had a genuine interest in every single lesson that they study, but that only happens in a perfect world. There will undoubtedly be some lessons that are less appealing than others.

It would also be nice if we could just avoid those boring lessons (in that perfect world). However, the

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What Do the Names of All Those Measurements Mean?

Names of Measurements

Digit. Palm. Hand. Foot.

Many names of measurements come from parts of the body. This is because in ancient times, people didn’t have tape measures or rulers to take along with them, but they did have their bodies. Therefore, they developed units of measure that related to their bodies.

While these units of measure may not have been

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Really Big Numbers to Share with Your Kids

Really Big Numbers

Can you say “quattuorvigintillion”?

Can you say that word three times fast?

I bet your kids would like to do that.

Really big words are fun. Really big numbers are even more fun. Put the two together and you have a party!

If you don’t believe me, ask any kid to say one of those really long dinosaur names like “Pachycephalosaurus.” They love it! And they’re also

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