Sell Your Homeschool Products on These Sites

Sell Your Homeschool Products on These Sites

Do you like to make things?

More specifically, do you like to make things for homeschoolers?

By things I mean curriculum, ebooks, games, copywork, educational resources, or anything that makes a child’s brain go “Vroom, vroom.”

If you like to make homeschool products or any type of educational products and want to sell them online,

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20 Famous Scientists Who Believed in God

Famous Scientists Who Believed in God

I don’t think that science and religion have to clash. I think that science should be a tool used to understand God’s gift of creation.

While there are many scientists today who have atheistic beliefs, if you look back through our history, you’ll find that there have actually been many scientists who BELIEVED in God.

Surprise, surprise.

This is valuable information to share with children. It demonstrates for them the fact that

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A List of True Homonyms

A List of True Homonyms

Do you know what a true homonym is?

Oftentimes, people get confused about the word homonym. They think it refers to a word that sounds the same as another, OR they believe it is a word that is just spelled the same as another but has a different sound.

However, as I said last week in Homonyms vs. Homophones vs. Homographs, a true homonym is a word that is spelled the same AND sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning.

The words bat, duck, and mouse are examples of

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20 Things Your Toddler Can Learn in a Grocery Store

20 Things Toddler Can Learn in a Grocery Store

While shopping in a grocery store may be drudgery for you, it can be a very stimulating experience for your little one. After all, a supermarket is full of interesting things (namely food) and fascinating people.

A grocery store can also be a place where your toddler can learn a lot of basic concepts. As you’ll see in a minute, a shopping trip can be the perfect place to dialog about important preschool concepts such as colors, size, and numbers. Pre-reading skills and more

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Save BIG at Currclick’s Labor Day Sale!

Currclick Labor Day Sale

Currclick is having a sail!

Err…I mean sale!

You can save 20 – 70% on select products plus get an additional 10% off at checkout during their Labor Day sale event.

And if you or your kids are struggling with homonyms like I did a few seconds ago, you may want to check out one of our NEWEST products, Homonym Butterfly Puzzles. They along with all of our other products are marked down 70% for this Labor Day sale!

By the way,

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Homonyms vs. Homophones vs. Homographs

Homonyms vs Homophones vs Homographs

I see a lot of confusion these days on the web about the words homonym, homophone, and homograph.

(Actually, I see a lot of confusion these days on the web about lots of things but we’ll bypass that topic for now.)

I think that over the years, the meaning of these words has gotten blurred and that has helped to create the confusion.

(I think that the web has also helped to create the confusion but we’ll save THAT topic for another day.)

I thought I’d take a few minutes to

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A Homeschool Family Prayer

A Homeschool Family Prayer

The other day I was digging through some of our old homeschool papers and I found a treasure.

It’s a family prayer that we used to have hanging up in the homeschool room of our old house. I wrote it a long time ago when my daughters were young.

I wrote part of it as a rhyming prayer because I know that children can sometimes learn and memorize prayers more easily when they are written in rhyming form.

Plus, it was just more fun to do it that way.

Anyway, this prayer is no great work of art, but you are

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Easy Homemade Unscented Natural Dish Soap Recipe

Homemade Unscented Natural Dish Soap Recipe

We ran out of natural dish soap the other day.

I didn’t feel like driving to the nearest town to get more because I had more important things to do. (Like blogging)

So I looked for a solution (pun intended) to our lack of dish soap on the web.

Google came through. I found a wonderful, easy-to-make recipe for homemade dish soap on

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Have You Heard of These Archaic Units of Measure?

Archaic Units of Measure

Noah’s ark was measured in cubits.

The Anglo-Saxons measured with barleycorns.

Today we have the metric system as well as some words like inches, feet, and yards for measuring things.

The terms for units of measure have changed over the centuries. This makes sense since language is an ever-evolving beast. If it weren’t, we’d probably still be using “thee’s” and “thou’s” in our everyday speech or sound like something out of Beowolf. Instead, however, we have the English language that I’m using with you right now.

What follows is a list of some old units of measure. Some of the

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FREE Reader’s Theater Poetry Sampler Scripts

Free Reader's Theater Poetry Sampler Scripts

If you’re looking for an easy-to-put-together theater production that showcases your children’s reading talents, you might want to try Reader’s Theater. Reader’s Theater is a dramatic presentation of piece of literature using handheld scripts. It is typically performed by a group of two or more actors.

Reader’s Theater can be used for a variety of productions including homeschool group teas, concerts, recitals, plays, charity dinners, recitations, and presentation nights. It’s also good for religious

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