Homeschool Story Time: Week 13

Homeschool Story Time Week 13

It’s time for Homeschool Story Time: Week 13.

I hope you have had a wonderful week!

Today’s story is about kindness and surprises.

It’s about a girl named Lucille who finds the best way to bless someone in need.

It’s also about furry balls of cuteness, but I won’t be specific. I don’t want to give away too much.

Read on to find out what happens in this story with Lucille, kindness, cuteness, and surprises.

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FREE Place Value Cards

Place Value Cards

If your children are learning about place value, you might want to download my latest freebie, 1 – 9,999,999 Place Value Cards.

These free place value cards are a good, hands-on tool for teaching kids to build, read, and compare numbers. They also can be used to demonstrate place value and help children develop number sense.

Since these cards cover the numbers 1 – 9,999,999, they will grow with your children. You can start by using just one- and two-digit numbers when they are in kindergarten or first grade, and increase from there as they get older.

The place value cards in this pack are easy-to-make. Just print,

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Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

Triceratops. Deinonychus.

Allosaurus. Gallimimus.


Kids of all ages LOVE them!

That’s why if you share a book about them with your kids, it will probably be a hit.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of dinosaur books on the market or in your library.

I have pulled together a list of some dinosaur books

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Do You Blog? Your Kids Can Help!

Blank old blackboard

Are you a homeschool blogger?

Did you know that your kids and teens can be a great help to you when it comes to blogging?

(I mean besides being a source of inspiration for your blog posts. 😉 )

And did you know that when you have them help you, it also benefits them?

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 12

Homeschool Story Time Week 12

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 12.

This week’s story is about fishing.

I don’t mean fishing in the traditional sense, although there are “fish” involved.

It’s about another type of fishing and a little boy named Francie Fisher.

Read on to see what kind of “fishing” Francie does.

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Put Foreign Language into Your Daily Conversations

Put Foreign Language into Your Daily Conversations

Learning a foreign language can seem like a daunting task.

Learning a foreign language AND teaching your kids that language at the same time can be an even more challenging task.

BUT it is possible. In fact, it’s beneficial for both you and your kids. Let me tell you how.

I know that some homeschoolers like to use pre-made foreign language curriculum like Rosetta Stone and Power Speak to teach their kids a foreign language. While these programs are wonderful, using them alone

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 11

Homeschool Story Time Week 11

Hello! It’s story time again.

Today we have Homeschool Story Time: Week 11.

Prayer is powerful.

And sometimes, when we ask God for just the right thing, amazing things happen. That’s what you’re about to see in today’s story. It reveals how a special prayer a mother makes for her baby brings about an extraordinary life.

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A Complete List of Dr. Seuss Books

A Complete List of Dr. Seuss Books

Dr. Seuss was a modern Shakespeare of children’s books.

He made up new and creative words.

He rhymed in ways that you wouldn’t think possible. (Wocket – pocket?)

He had an incredible knack for creating stories that taught values and lessons in a fun way.

And to top it all off, he drew humorous illustrations to

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Homeschool Story Time: Week 10

Homeschool Story Time Week 10

Welcome to Homeschool Story Time: Week 10.

Easter is this weekend so I thought I’d share with you a story that fits the season.

This treasure is about two girls, Mabel and Myra, and a special love-gift. It’s the kind of gift that is very pleasing to God.

Let’s see what that special gift is.

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Heart Crosses Decorative Letters FREE Printable

Heart Crosses Decorative Letters Free Printable

I have an Easter present for you!

I made some decorative letters that you can hang up in your homeschool room.

They are heart crosses to remind you of Jesus’ love for you.

You can use them for bulletin boards, decorations, arts and crafts, learning trays, educational games and activities, and more!

You get a complete set of upper and lower case letters plus punctuation marks.

Just like my other bulletin board decorations, this free

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